Swimwear For Every Body ft. Nalla

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Now I know what some of you might be thinking just from the title: “Swimwear Eleni? Really? Summer is almost over!” Yes it’s true and sad to say out loud, summer is coming to an end and it’s depressing af. But in my humble opinion it’s never too late to buy a new bathing suit. Today I’m talking about a bikini that has changed my life.

One day I was watching Instagram stories as I often do and found myself listening to Her Campus talk about this new bikini that they were trying out. It was a piece of fabric that you could tie into any style you wanted and it could be used as a top or bottom. Now I was intrigued. How could that work? So I went to the company’s Instagram and learned more. They are called Nalla. On their Instagram I found demonstrations of different styles to tie for the top and bottoms. I was amazed. If you don’t know me in real life or have never seen a photo, I don’t have a small bust. I’m 36DD (no point in dancing around it) and I wouldn’t trade my boobs for anything. I love them, they’re great, but fitting them into bikinis has been anything but a simple task.

Through my entire life of having boobs, bikini shopping has been my least favorite activity. It’s not because I don’t enjoy being in a bikini and spending time on the beach. I grew up being on a swim team and spending summers, winter break, and spring vacation on the beach in Florida. I love the water, but everything out there for people my age are generally less than ideal for for bigger busts. I’ve tried sporty full coverage tops and find myself spilling out the top, or triangle bikinis and find myself spilling out the bottom (neither of them in a good way). I eventually found a bikini from Victoria’s Secret that had underwire and was sold in bra sizes. Those were the only ones I bought for years, but they’ve since stopped making them, and I realized the underwire was uncomfortable and the padding soaked in so much water I’d have to squeeze it out every time I got out of the pool. So for the last few years I’ve been rocking one pieces, which is fine with me because they are adorable and have been extremely popular. But I’ve missed bikinis, my stomach wants a tan!

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After spending about a month doing research on this company Nalla I learned a few things. Their fabric comes in two sizes, a smaller size meant for sizes 0 – 8, and a larger size for sizes 8 – 12. This stood out to me. It’s not quite one size fits all, but almost. After deciding I’ve done enough research I purchased 3 Nallas for myself. 2 in the color Grape (an amazing wine color) and one in Black. The shipping was about a week, but it felt faster because I honestly forgot I’d made the purchase. Of course I had to try it on instantly. I broke out the Grape pieces and strung on a couple of the accessory rings it came with and tied a twisted halter around my top, like I’d learned on Instagram. The fabric is thin and light and very comfortable. I wore the top for a few hours (my housemates and I were watching a movie) and I was very pleased with how it felt.

While I was trying on this bikini I realized that as your body changes Nalla will still fit you. I know most of us are adults now so we don’t worry about growth spurts anymore, but our bodies are still changing. You may be working on gaining a rounder butt over the winter, if you’re successful then chances are your bikini bottoms from last summer wont fit, but that wont happen with Nalla. They have a wide selection of colors and have just released the Nalla Prints collection. The varieties are endless and mix and match possibilities are too. Aside from prints Nalla also has layering pieces, thinner pieces of their material that can be paired with the core colors which are thicker. Honestly I’m a mix and match kind of girl, so the endless possibilities are just my style!

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In love with my bikini!Β 

Now a disclaimer, it is just a simple piece of fabric, so if you’re bigger busted and looking for a bikini that’s ultra supportive for running around on the beach and doing sports in, I’d say this isn’t it. But if you’re looking for something that stays on, makes you feel comfortable and generally secure; Go for it!

Update! Finally got the chance to wear this bikini to the beach and I’m obsessed, it was so light to wear and stayed really well. Because the material is thin after a dip in the water it dries so quickly which is really convenient because I hate being wet for hours. I felt os comfortable in this bikini, I had no worries about anything! 10/10 would recommend.

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Summer Vintage Brought To You By Mom

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If there is one thing I am a firm believer in its raiding your mom’s closet and taking advantage of all the amazing things she’s held on to. Every time I go home and see my mom I spend some time digging around in her closet and I’m never disappointed with what I find. Whether it’s a couple of gingham shirts for the summer, or vintage sportswear, my mom’s closet is always a reliable shopping spot!

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#PureSimpleYou ft. Jane Iredale


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I’ve been trying to treat my skin really well recently, meaning washing my face regularly, exfoliateing, and moisturizing. But even doing all of those things I still wasn’t doing one thing that I really needed to do, use sunblock! I won’t lie, I don’t use sunblock… Like ever. Because of my skin tone I don’t get sunburn so I’ve always kind of figured what’s the point. Now before you start lecturing me, I know that just because I don’t burn doesn’t mean I’m not doing damage to my skin, or exposing myself to damaging rays. It just means I don’t see the immediate effect of sun exposure, so protection from the sun isn’t the first thing on my mind when I’m going to be out and about all day.

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Pink, White, and Blue


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Happy 4th of July! One of my personal favorite holidays we celebrate here in the US. There is just something about the fireworks, warm weather, and the colors red, white, and blue being everywhere that makes the day so special. This year I went with a more toned down 4th of July look. A mostly white dress with some blue and pink accents alludes to the 4th, without being totally in your face. Paired with the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac, and all my usual accessories jewelry wise (Fitbit, Pura Vida, Pandora), this look is cool and carefree.

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My Valentine

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Hi Loves,

It’s Valentine’s Day and I want to be my own Valentine! I honestly love Valentine’s Day even though I’m painfully single right now. Valentine’s Day has always been one of those days I can’t help but celebrate because I have so many people in my life I love and am grateful for. This year I want to focus on the people in my life I love, including myself! Self love is SO important and at this time of year I’m giving myself an extra dose of it. Continue reading

Lip Tips and Tricks

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My lips are one of my favorite features on my face, so I like to take good care of them. Does this mean I have excessive amounts of lip products? Yes it does. Does this mean that I can give you some good reviews of different lip products? Yes it does! I am currently using 16 lip balms. I know that’s a bit much, but I actually go through lip products quite quickly. I always have one in a jacket pocket, at least one in each of my purses and backpacks, and then a few throughout my room that I can grab easily and throw on before leaving the house. I also have unopened backups that I’m waiting to open until I get down to at least 7 lip balms if not less.Β  Continue reading

Battle of the Face Masks

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Even though this has been a very odd winter thus far the wind has not been great for my skin. I realized that I’ve collected a few different face masks recently that all look amazing, so I’ve decided to pin them against each other to see which one I like the best. So here is what you need to know about my skin before we get into this. I have combination skin, oily T zone, but my cheeks and around my mouth tend to get very dry. I use the Ponds moisturizer almost every night after I wash my face, but I won’t be using that after these masks unless the instructions direct me to use a moisturizer after. All of these products are available at Sephora and I will have links and prices below.I tried a different mask each night over 4 days to see how they felt, what they smell like, and how they changed my skin (if at all).

The first mask I tried was the Sephora brand Algae Sleeping Mask. I was not sure how it would work, it feels like a gel and had a blue tint to it, and it smells like plants but in a good way. Continue reading

Real Techniques for the Holidays

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Makeup brushes have been a thing I’ve been struggling with since starting my small beauty obsession. What are the best brushes? Should I be using a Beauty Blender? What are the best ways to get a flawless look? All these questions have floated around in my head for the last few months as I’ve tried out different brands. I was sent a set of Real Techniques brushes by Influenster for testing and reviewing purposes, and boy did I ever put them to the test!


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Multipurpose Makeup ft. Bite Beauty


Hi Loves,

As you may know I’ve been slowly getting into makeup recently. I don’t wear it everyday, but I love having it available to play with when I’m in the mood. A new item to the makeup scene is the Bite Beauty Multistick, which I was lucky enough to receive in three shades, curtesy of Influenster, to test and review. I do own other Bite Beauty products that I bought for myself upon the recommendation of my good friend (and makeup artist) David Lucas.

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